EMP Attack – Surviving the Most Devastating Attack

EMP Electromagnetic Pulse

Each day, humans are inventing new and better things to make life on earth easier. For this reason, more and more people are getting totally dependent on electronics for day to day activities. We use electronics to communicate, save and store money, travel and even buy goods and services. It is only natural that the terrorist organizations want to up their game, and their next target is controlling electronics. After controlling electronics, then their next step would be to disable them, and when this happens, Electromagnetic pulse attack comes into the picture.

Imagine a terrorist attack that blacks-out all our computers, telephone lines, ATMs and various electronic in just a single stroke? Such an attack is probably more dangerous than bombings. Although this may sound like a Hollywood movie, blackout USA is possible in modern times since we depend on technology in almost everything.

After an EMP attack, food and drinking water would disappear almost immediately, manufacturing will stop and transportation will stop. Communication will be crippled as radios, telephones and televisions will not work. Any information on the internet will instantly disappear since computers will stop functioning. Your favorite magazines, newspapers and all forms of print media will not publish anymore. Stores, hospitals, airports, hotels and financial transactions will all be padlocked. Such a chaotic situation would mean pushing the country 200 years back before electricity and technology. Since we have grown so dependent of technology and electricity, many people will either freeze or die of heat and hunger. So, how do you survive an EMP attack?

EMP Survival

  1. Start by educating yourself on this topic. Many people are not aware of the dangers of EMP attack. Research on this topic to make sure you understand all the effects.
  2. Give informational materials to your friends and family. Help them understand everything about such an attack.
  3. Designate a storage cabinet in your home for your goods. Practical emergency storage items include canned foods, drinkable water, batteries, candles and alternate cooking and heating sources. You can start with a 3-month supply. The alternate cooking methods can include gas, a solar oven, and a charcoal grill. Wood is also very important for burning a wood stove or a fire place, in case the attack happens during the cold season. You can place a sign on such goods to show that the foods and other stuffs are for emergency use only. Also add an opener in your cabinet.
  4. Use a Faraday cage to protect all your crucial electronic equipment. Start by storing the computers that contain backups of your important information, several flashlights, batteries and battery-powered shortwave radio in a medium-sized faraday cage. You can also wrap each gadget in wood, plastic or any other insulator. Wrap them in a seamless layer of aluminum foil, and then add another layer of insulation. Finally, add another layer of foil for best protection.
  5. Make sure every room has a fire extinguisher. The electromagnetic pulse can cause appliances to catch fire.
  6. Unplug all electronic equipment you’re not using to minimize the damage of an EMP attack. Such attacks may cause huge electrical pulses to travel through power lines, destroying all equipment that may be plugged in.
  7. Finally, set aside a small percentage of your cash each time you receive your income. You can store this money in a safe deposit box. Make sure you keep the key in a safe place where it will be easy to find.
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