How to Lose Weight Fast – Learn Jenny’s Secret!

How to Lose Weight

You want to lose weight, you want to lose weight fast, you don’t want to change your whole life just to lose a few pounds and you absolutely don’t want to feel bad while losing weight.

That probably describes almost everyone wanting to lose weight, no matter what the motivation for starting a diet plan is. Most of us do not succeed at losing weight and almost all of us end up compromising on the way in which we go about it.

Jenny Cattermole, a friend of mine from Tampa in Florida was one of those people who hadn’t succeeded in reaching her target weight. To be fair, she wasn’t trying to lose hundreds of pounds – she wasn’t obese, but neither was she skinny. When I met up with her a few weeks ago though she looked different. The layer of fat that used to cover her body and make her face round rather than oval was gone and she was definitely slender.

Last time I saw her was Thanksgiving when she visited her family in my neighborhood and now, early in the New Year, I was looking at a rather different person.

We hooked up at Starbucks over on Kennedy Boulevard, across from the Mickey D’s. That, in itself, was a bit of a change as, in the past, she’d probably have suggested grabbing a quick burger and fries before she ran back to her office in the marketing department.

Jenny was looking great, she had an air of self-confidence and she absolutely knew that she was getting quick glances from guys around us sipping their Frappuccino Grandes. In the past she’d not have been getting those glances and, if anyone did glimpse at her, she’d be afraid they were noting her chubbiness and she’d be embarrassed.

I asked Jenny what had been happening, what had changed in her life to make her look so different. “Well,” she said, “I found the secret of how to lose weight fast and how to feel good while I was doing it!” I was hooked and wanted to know a little more about this miracle. Jenny told me that she’d been feeling really down. In her line of work, it was considered important to look good, especially when a person was the ‘face’ of the company, heading up big presentations and appearing in the media. She had reached a kind of glass ceiling where she was going to get no further unless she did something about her appearance. This wasn’t just an issue for her and other women, it affected her male colleagues as well.

Jenny said that she’d tried the Weightwatchers, Herbalife, and gym routes but nothing had stuck, she hated not being able to eat proper meals, didn’t like going to meetings like an addict and finding time to do regular hard workouts at the gym was almost impossible with her schedule.

The idea that her career might be limited by her weight seemed just wrong; but, the world is not perfect, and it can’t be denied that how we look has an effect upon our self-image and our weight has a big effect upon our health – no matter how you look at it, losing weight and living at a healthy weight makes perfect sense for all of us.

As we sipped our drinks, Jenny’s a Grande iced coffee with coconut milk, and mine something rather less healthy, she told me what had happened.

Having tried and failed at losing weight before she was at her wits end. She’d run out of ideas about what to do. There was a big presentation that she was due to run just before Christmas, it would be a chance for her to shine if her team got the account and she wanted to look her best. She had a about 4 weeks to do something drastic if she was going to look her best, and she wanted to look her best! So, she tapped into her tablet search box ‘4 week diet’ to see if there were any miracles. She said that there were a few spammy results at the top of the page but, after those, she saw a listing that looked different. The page was from a professional trainer and weight loss expert called Brian Flatt, as a gym owner, he had been, as he put it, at the front lines in the Battle of the Bulge. What his page was telling her made sense, it seemed real, based in fact rather than gobbledegook and suggested that he could teach her to control the hormones that prevent us from losing weight in just 4 weeks.

His system consists of 4 handbooks which, when followed enabled dieters to lose from 24-32 pounds in just a month. Jenny said that she went to this page to find out more. When she found out more she realized that she had found a better way to lose weight.

Long story short, Jenny lost, with Brian’s help, almost 30 pounds, discovered a new confidence, nailed the presentation and is on the way to a VP role in her company.

Because you want the same for your appearance and health, visit this page today and get your weight under control and give yourself the appearance and life you deserve!

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