How A World Traveller and Naturopath Learned the Secret of Losing Weight Without Dieting

The Red Tea Detox


Ready to discover a new direction for weight loss and getting healthy without dieting?

Are you struggling to break old habits that stop you from enjoying the body you want and deserve?

OK girls, truth time!

How many diets have you tried?

How many of the pounds you struggled to lose by following complex diets and rigorous exercise plans have stayed off?

Answer, if you are like most women balancing work, family, and leisure in a modern working family, is this:

You’ve tried DOZENS of diets and NONE of the pounds stayed away afterward!

Now, you’re sure there’s no answer that can work for you, RIGHT?

WRONG! Your struggles are over, the pain is finished, the lonely meals for one are gone. Elizabeth Swann Miller acclaimed nutritional expert and double degreed naturopath and psychologist has unveiled a secret unknown to Americans, a secret that she discovered in the plains of Kenya in an expedition that threatened her life with snakebite and quicksand as she struggled to bring back the secret known only to a tribal shaman and the tall, slender women and warriors of his tribe.

As a naturopath, Swann Miller came to understand that dieting didn’t work but that detoxing did. Her research showed her that when we free the body from the toxins we acquire from our food, drink and environment are removed that we tend to lose fat and, at the same time become more healthy.

The Kenyan Bush Holds a Secret to a Slender, Healthy Life!

Liz’s latest discovery, from the plains of African Kenya, is called the Red Tea Detox and in it she shares with her readers what she found on her arduous, life-threatening, trek through the African Bush and how what she risked her life to bring back will change your life for the better – if you choose to let it!

You probably wonder what a primitive, or maybe not so primitive, shaman can share with advanced America that can change our lives for the better. The answer is this: many cultures have, over the course of thousands of years learned things that we have forgotten in our rush to technological advances. The secrets handed down through families generation after generation are often more useful to ordinary, hard-working American women than the latest chemical concoction from a global industrial giant.

The shaman of the African tribes people that Elizabeth came across had found and kept secret for generations a kind of red tea that had the effect of detoxifying the body of the drinker, enabling their metabolism to speed up and burn fat, while at the same time stopping the drinker from feeling hunger. Drinkers of this tasty red brew felt full of energy but felt no hunger pains. The men and women of this tribe drink no soda they drink only the pure water of natural springs and this delicious red tea.

An Ancient Secret Comes to America – to You!

No matter how wonderful this tea is, no matter how effective at cleansing the body it might be, it is no good to anyone if the ingredients are a secret, or can only be found in a rare plant growing in an inaccessible location.

Here, good fortune is on your side, today, because not only did Elizabeth Swann Miller persuade the shaman to share his miraculous secret recipe, she found that the ingredients are available in any American supermarket, in fact, many readers may already have some, or all, the ingredients in your own homes!

  • Imagine being able to lose weight, not at an unhealthy, unsustainable weight but at a sensible, manageable speed. Many happy readers of the Red Tea Detox have reported losing one pound per day while drinking the tea.
  • Imagine not feeling those uncomfortable hunger pangs as your stomach rumbles and demands feeding.
  • Imagine getting rid of that stubborn fat as your metabolism increases and burns off the fat you need to lose.
  • Imagine doing all this while drinking an inexpensive, tasty, red tea, that you make yourself from inexpensive, easily available ingredients.

Imagination Not Required!

Your opportunity to change your life, look the way you want and have the life you deserve comes today, no imagination needed. All you need to do is check out the information on Elizabeth’s Red Tea Detox page, see what Liz discovered in the African Bush and make the choice to make a new, more healthy life.

You can start right now by reading about Elizabeth’s discoveries, check out how she shares these ancient, natural secrets with you and how what she learned changed her own life after the challenges she faced, challenges that many women reading this article will also know well.

Because you deserve to be happy, slender, healthy and loved but you don’t want the pain of dieting hunger, you owe it to yourself to find out more about the Red Tea Detox by clicking HERE now!

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